We’re Bringing the Outside, In


We've all spent so much of this past year indoors. Perhaps at best, outdoors, but at least 6 feet away from others. Being outside helps to reduce any anxieties we may face, improve our sleep, and in general, helps us feel better about ourselves overall. The outdoors mean a lot to us. So as we're building TolHouse, we're incorporating the outdoors, indoors. You'll enjoy natural light in many of our spaces as [...]

We’re Bringing the Outside, In2021-07-14T17:55:24-04:00

New at TolHouse


WHAT'S NEW AT TOLHOUSE: 04.04.21 When you enter TolHouse, you’re greeted by 3 statement pieces that are core to what we're about: community, art, and hospitality. This week we'll focus on togetherness, and what brings us together better than food? Just installed is 8 feet of tinted glass to the left of the entryway. Upon entering the House, you'll peer around silhouettes of wine bottles that span 8 [...]

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Welcome to the House


TOLHOUSE IS FOR THE VIBRANT. For as long as I can remember, I've heard that Toledo was right on the cusp of finally realizing its potential, turning a corner, and becoming the vibrant city that for too long had escaped our grasp. Whether it was because of bad governmental and political decisions, the lack of visionary leadership or the absence of follow-through, or even the evolution of industry that ultimately [...]

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