We’re thankful for your interest in providing media coverage for TolHouse.

As a private club which highly values discretion, please note that we maintain strict policies regarding photography and videography at TolHouse. Please refer to the following guidelines which comprise a portion of our media policy:

Only in the rarest of instances will videography be acceptable inside any spaces at TolHouse. Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To inquire about recording video inside TolHouse, please email [email protected].

No member or guest may, at any time, record video inside restricted spaces without both written authorization, and with the accompaniment of the TolHouse General Manager or other authorized member of our management staff.

In most cases, the official TolHouse photography staff will provide any images needed for any media outlet covering TolHouse. Exclusive images may be available upon request. Requests for images to be taken by outside photographers on behalf of media outlets is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To request approval for an outside photographer, please email [email protected]. Written authorization is always required and the photographer will be restricted to shooting alongside the accompaniment of the TolHouse General Manager or another authorized member of our management staff.

  • Absolutely no images may be captured of unfinished spaces.
  • Absolutely no images may be taken of TolHouse members and guests without expressed, written pre-approval.

Upon approval of an outside photographer, please seek guidance before taking pictures from the authorized manager on what spaces and angles of our spaces may be photographed. Test photos (for light-setting purposes) may additionally be limited to the spaces and angles that are approved by the General Manager.

Please Note: No photography may be taken inside restricted spaces for non-TolHouse specific promotional purposes (i.e. personal portraits, social media posts, modeling, etc.). For all requests for photographing inside TolHouse, please email [email protected].

To request an interview with an authorized member of management or for any other media inquiries, please email [email protected].