Private Wine Locker

Holding a private wine locker at TolHouse makes you part of a highly exclusive, limited and select group of member VIPs, and it is not without benefits. At face value, you enjoy having a supply of wine or other spirits on-hand whenever you visit. Additionally, you gain access to a limited group of key-holders who get early access to new offerings and specials. And, don’t forget the discounts!

  • Enjoy special events and exclusive tastings throughout the year
  • You will receive invitations to select TolHouse events prior to making them available to other members
  • The ability to request and purchase bottles at a reduced rate

Applicable Fees

  • $15 corking fee (wine)
  • $6 pour fee (spirits)

Note: all wines or spirits stored in lockers must be purchased from TolHouse. In the event we cannot fulfill a particular selection request, the member may bring the bottle in to store in their locker at no additional charge.

Only the locker holder and on-site manager will retain a key to lockers.

Sizing: 15″ wide x 17″ deep x 23″ tall