I was born and raised in Toledo. Ever since I can remember, I’ve heard about our potential, but for whatever reason, we never fully realized it as a community.

Organizing people with different perspectives, backgrounds, and beliefs together in a social environment who, at the very least, share the foundational desire to make Toledo an even more wonderful place to live is key to realizing that potential. TolHouse was envisioned with the Mission of curating a community of locals who are doing the work, regardless of their field of endeavor, to help Toledo reach its fullest potential.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, work in the arts, health sciences, business, education, or even are the maker of a home or retired, we are confident and committed to the principle that diversity is core to progress, and our society would benefit from more respect for differences. And, no matter how strongly personal beliefs are held, treating each other with dignity, respect, and kindness is what our TolHouse community is and forever will be about.

We are committed to building an inclusive environment and culture, and hate will never be part of that, nor will it be acceptable within our walls.

TolHouse stands for Toledo-House because our goal is to make it like home, where you can spend your entire day having various great experiences. We’d fail at accomplishing that if we didn’t stand up for what we believe is right.

We value diversity here and exercise a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying.

If you have any questions about the culture at TolHouse or our policies, please see TolHouse.com/policies, and as always, feel free to email me directly at [email protected].

I’m glad to be a part of this community with you,