Policies and Codes

TolHouse was envisioned with the Mission of curating a community of locals who are doing the work, regardless of their field of endeavor, to help Toledo reach its fullest potential. Our goal is to organize people who, at the very least, share the foundational desire to make Toledo an even more wonderful place to live and have different perspectives, backgrounds, and beliefs together in a casual environment, as this is key to us realizing our fullest potential as a region. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, work in the arts, health sciences, business, education, or even are the maker of a home or retired, we are confident and committed to the principle that diversity is core to progress, and our society would benefit from more respect for differences.

We are committed to building an inclusive environment and culture, and hate will never be part of that, nor will it be acceptable within our walls.

We will require all Members and our teams to sign a commitment to treat everyone with dignity and respect. We will exercise a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying.

An Annual Membership is the most common types of Membership as it presents a discount of 10% on the base Membership fee. Members may elect to enroll in an annual Membership at the then-current annual Membership price, less 10%. This does not include the application fee.

Annual Memberships shall automatically renew at the end of the initial term, unless the member informs a TolHouse Membership Desk Manager no less than 60 days prior to the end of the Membership term that the member will not renew his/her Membership, or that the member wishes to convert to a Monthly Membership.

Payment for the subsequent year shall be due and payable on the last day of the then current year’s term. Annual Memberships are for a one year periods only, and are not refundable even in instances where a Members status is suspended for violations of the TolHouse Community Code. Should a Member fail to make the annual payment on the due date, their status shall be suspended immediately and Member shall not have access to the House or its amenities. To reactivate a suspended Membership, the annual payment, plus the late fee, must be paid no later than fifteen (15) days from date at which it became due. If payment is not made within the fifteen (15) day period after the due date, the Membership shall immediately terminate and Member will be required to undergo the application process, including payment of the then-current application fee, to be considered for Membership at TolHouse.

Monthly Membership. Monthly Membership plans to TolHouse include dues which are payable monthly on the date of initiation – hereinafter called the due date. Dues are not prorated, and the due-date cycle may be different for one member to another. Monthly Memberships renew automatically each month, and an active credit card must be present on the Members account.

Under 40 Membership. TolHouse offers a limited amount of Under 40 Memberships at a reduced monthly rate. To qualify for this Membership, you must provide a current and valid state or federal government-issued identification to confirm age-eligibility. When a Member reaches the age of 40, such Member’s status will automatically convert to Monthly Member status and such Member’s dues shall automatically increase to the then-current monthly dues amount, effective at the next due date.

Corporate Membership. Our corporate Membership programs are designed to provide both exceptional value as well as flexibility to our business members. TolHouse is foremost a social club designed for leisure, but in the true spirit of being ‘The Room Where It Happens’, we’ve intentionally designed our spaces to be the ultimate destination for deal-making, recruiting, and team-building.

With a TolHouse corporate Membership, we provide accommodations for multiple account signers, and flexibility with your roster of visiting patrons.

Any catering orders require a 50% deposit at the time of scheduling, and balances are due before the event should begin.

All catering orders include an automatic 25% gratuity.

Spouse/Partner Privileges

TolHouse does not offer traditional ‘family’ accounts. However, if a spouse or legal partner wishes to visit TolHouse without the primary Member, we offer Partner Memberships at a reduced rate. To apply for this discount, the Partner Member will need to apply for Membership at TolHouse.com/apply and indicate their primary Member spouse on the application.

Payment Delinquency (Applicable to Monthly and Under 40 Memberships).

Should a Member (including Monthly and Under 40 Members) fail to make a monthly payment on the due date, such Member’s Membership shall be flagged as delinquent. If such Member has not paid his/her dues by 4 days after the due date, such Member will be denied access into the club, and at 10 days of delinquency, a late fee of $5, per day shall be incurred until the balance is cleared. If payments are not made within the fifteen (15) day period after the due date, the Membership shall immediately terminate and Member will be required to undergo the application process, including payment of the then-current application fee, to be considered for Membership at TolHouse.

Any Member wishing to terminate his/her Membership shall provide, at no less than thirty (30) days’ prior of such termination, written notice which is to be delivered to the Membership Desk Manager only. If a Member wishes to temporarily suspend their Membership and remain in good status while avoiding full Membership dues becoming applicable, you can request “Membership hold” status. Membership hold status will temporarily suspend Membership and requires that a $50 monthly Membership dues be paid in order to maintain your right to resume Membership status at a future date. Please note, however, this does still require a 30 day written notice. A Member on Membership hold status, does not have access to the House. A Member can elect to be on Membership hold status for a total of 3 months in any rolling 12 month period. TolHouse management reserves the right to extend such status on a case by case basis.

Membership fees are subject to increase from time to time, at the discretion of TolHouse. Management at TolHouse shall provide Members, via email and not less than forty-five (45) days prior written notice of any increase in Membership fees before such increased fees go into effect.

Members may elect to transfer between annual and monthly Membership by notifying the Membership Desk Manager in writing and following the process then in place for such transfer. These are handled on a case-by-case basis as approved by management. The member receiving the Membership will need to be accepted as a member prior.

TolHouse has the right to offer occasional promotions on Membership packages, as management may determine in its sole discretion. Such promotions are for non-Members only and existing Members are not eligible to receive such promotional offers.

All accounts carry a required monthly food and beverage minimum spend. A monthly $75 spend is required on Individual and Partner accounts. For Corporate Members, a monthly $250 minimum is required. As some months may see more activity than others, Corporate spends are calculated on a rolling quarter.

Tickets not settled by the end of the day may be manually settled by TolHouse staff. A base tip of 25% will be applied to any unsettled ticket.

By completing and submitting an application for membership, you agree to be bound by our House rules.

The Membership Committee meets monthly to review and admit new members to TolHouse, as space becomes available. The Membership Committee has sole discretion as to who becomes a member of TolHouse. This committee is comprised of non-TolHouse employees who volunteer their time and expertise.

If your application for membership to TolHouse is approved, we will confirm by sending you a ‘Welcome to TolHouse’ email. Your membership to TolHouse becomes effective on the date this ‘Welcome to TolHouse’ email is sent, and membership dues then become payable.

Upon approval of Membership to TolHouse, Members are provided with a 5-digit code, which should be stored or committed to memory. Payment for all goods and services at TolHouse requires this 5-digit code, which can only be used by the TolHouse Member to whom it is assigned.

A Membership code is required for all transactions.

All bills must be settled before leaving TolHouse. Members are responsible for their guests’ bills; if they are not paid, the Member may face suspension.

Members are required to have an active credit card on file at all times. Individual transactions can be made with a separate card at the time of the activity, but a card must be stored on the Member account.

Note: Tickets not settled by the end of a day will be manually settled by TolHouse staff using the card on file. A base tip of 25% will be applied to any tab left unsettled.

Multiple Cards on File

Members can place multiple cards on file. Doing so is often beneficial when using a corporate card (like a P-Card) that is saved to your profile for business expenses at TolHouse and a personal card on file to use for personal expenses at TolHouse. When closing a tab, let your server know which card on file you wish to use.

Editing Cards on File

To edit which card you use for automatic monthly Membership dues, please email [email protected] with the request. 

Transaction Statements

There is no automatic report generated or delivered to Members detailing transactions. However, to request a statement of your charges, please email [email protected] with the request. 

Note: Reports are generated using the last 4-digits of a credit card.  

At TolHouse, we foremost retain the right to disallow any attire that does not reflect the sensibilities of the House. Though our dress code is not strict, we discourage neckties and formal wear. Members and guests are prohibited from wearing the following items inside the House: athletic shorts, flip flops, crop tops, biker shorts, overly revealing clothing, or tank tops. Men may not wear open toed shows.

Corporate name tags/badges are additionally prohibited.

We stress that the concierge may, at their discretion, disallow any other attire, and this may change from time to time.

Members are permitted to bring up to 2 guests to the House, unless otherwise specified on the private Facebook group or Member Portal. Guests must sign in at the front listing the Member that invited them. Members may not be separated from their guests. If a Member would like to host more than 2 guests, the Member must provide notice ahead to the Membership Desk Manager for any required approvals and/or space reservations. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests follow all club rules and policies, and can face suspension or termination of Membership if their guests violate House rules.

TolHouse is a private Members social club, and privacy is very important to maintaining comfort for all Members and Member-guests. No photography, video-recording, or live-streaming is permitted in TolHouse lounges and some other spaces.

Phone calls are prohibited in our lounges and may only be taken in designated areas. This includes calls taken using headphones, wireless earbuds, and FaceTime calls.

Photography and videography is strictly prohibited in TolHouse spaces. Absolutely no DSLR cameras are permitted at TolHouse. Professional camera (any camera aside from those present on a mobile phone) are not allowed uncased in any TolHouse spaces.

NOTE: TolHouse employs a staff photographer, who may from time to time, be seen around the House capturing photos for promotional purposes. This photographer will always be clearly identifiable by a marked uniform.

TolHouse is a social club designed for adults. Children and anyone under 21 are not permitted in the lounges or bar areas at any time. Children are not permitted to be left unattended anywhere within the House. Children over 5 years of age may be permitted with a parent/guardian at Earth Coffeehouse before 4 pm, and for specified family-friendly events.

No animals will be allowed in TolHouse.

Several lounge spaces may be reserved during higher-traffic periods including the Red Lounge, Sophie’s Library, and sofa sections in the Vibrant Lounge. Reservations may not last longer than a 2 hour period, and may include a food/drink minimum.

Please contact the Membership Desk or Concierge for reservations.

Special Event Rentals

We desire to be the go-to destination for Member celebrations, events, and meetings. To book a TolHouse space for your event, please email [email protected].

Any catering orders require a 50% deposit at the time of scheduling, and balances are due before the event should begin.

All catering orders include an automatic 25% gratuity. Cleanup fees are $100 for all space rentals of 30 people or more.

No Show Fee

Please note that you will be charged a no-show fee of $25 if you fail to show for a space rental, or if you cancel without the required 24 hours advance notice.

Please do your best to notify us in advance if you cannot attend your scheduled reservation, and we will gladly find time to reschedule for you.

No outside food or beverages may be brought into TolHouse, unless medically necessary.

No Member shall purchase or sell, use, possess, or distribute any illegal drug or substance at or on the premises of TolHouse. If any action of this sort is found, the Member and/or guest will be removed from the house, and the Member will forfeit their membership.

Unless otherwise clearly marked and identified, TolHouse spaces are smoke free. TolHouse reserves the right to designate certain areas as smoking areas and change the location of such areas at any time.

As part of our programming, TolHouse may present special events that may be open to Members only, or Members as well as guests. We may also film, video or photograph our member events and activities at Tolhouse for use in our programs, advertisements, promotions, public relations or for other commercial / business purposes.

By taking part in these events, you consent to us publishing any materials produced by or for TolHouse for any purpose without further consent, and waive your right to receive any payment from us in relation to such publication.

Any tickets sold for events to TolHouse Members and Members of the public are non-refundable.

Members and their guests shall not use the names, logos, colors, trademarks, services marks, photographs or other identifying features of TolHouse without obtaining the expressed, written consent of TolHouse.